Kite Buying Guide

Buying a Kite: Where to Start

Kites have existed for thousands of years serving several useful purposes.  They have, for example, been used for recreation, spying, sending messages, as well as for studying our atmosphere.  Kites are flown worldwide and kite festivals occur all year-round across the globe. 

With the development of new technologies and advanced materials, there are now thousands of kites having various shapes, sizes, and suitable for different purposes.  So, how do you choose the right kite?

You can start by narrowing your selection to one of three primary categories of kites.  Although the names may differ from place to place, all kites can fall into one of these categories.

Take a look at our Getting Reacquainted with Kites video below to get an understanding of the three categories and select one below to go more in depth.


Single-Line Kites

Stunt Kites

Power Kites