National Kite Month is Finally Here

Spring is finally upon us and across the country kite festivals are beginning to pop up.  Some are very large, like the Cherry Bloom and Zilker Kite Festival in Austin.  Some are small, maybe even set up by your local municipality.  They all have one thing in common though; a chance to head outdoors with friends and family and experience the majesty of flight.


Many of these festivals include food and fun activities for families and kids, such as kite making, contests, demonstrations and more.         

Every festival is a little bit different so we recommend checking out as many as possible in your local area.  While it’s always fun to make and fly a kite, we like to have a quality kite on hand as well.  You can compare flights and gain an understanding of what makes each kite fly differently. 

We think some of the best kites to bring along to a festival are our Best Fliers, which fly in a wide range of wind conditions, get up in the air with ease and are simple to assemble and disassemble.  We also have a great selection of classic diamonds, deltas and parafoils

So grab a kite, head to a festival and enjoy the beautiful spring winds!