Product Spotlight – Skydog Little Wing

Coming this February 20th, we are excited to reintroduce the Skydog Little Wing Stunt Kites to our collection. 

Featuring six vibrant designs, the Little Wing provides an incredible introduction to the joys of stunt kite flying.

Skydog Kites has designed an active and responsive beginner stunt kite in the Little Wing.  This kite performs in a wide range of wind conditions – even as low as 4 mph. 

With a 5’ wingspan and durable fiberglass frame, the Little Wing can take the hard landings and crashes associated with beginner fliers.

It will not take much time for any new pilot to begin performing the dives, spins and numerous somersaults that make stunt kite flying such an exhilarating experience.  All Little Wing kites come with a 65’ line on winder with straps.

Below are the Little Wing Stunt Kites we will be featuring in our store this February.

Little Wing Pirate Little Wing Dragon Little Wing Sunset Little Wing Cool Little Wing Flames Little Wing Spectrum