Best Beginner Kite

So you’re looking for a perfect beginner kite?  That great kite for your children or one for yourself to experience the joys of simple flight?  It can
be an overwhelming task to pick out the right one.  Making the wrong choice can lead to a very short time to fly before the kite rips or the line gives way. 

We help walk you through the factors to consider when selecting a single-line kite in our resources section, but here we’ll give you an idea of what we look for when making a selection and an understanding of why we carry the products we do in our store.

The first element that anyone will look at when selecting a single line kite is the design.  Obviously a critical piece since it is what you will be staring at as your kite soars through the sky.  As the pilot; however, it is important not to lose focus on the other elements. 

We are very selective with the kites that we carry and look to bring you some of the most creative and unique designs in the industry, but we know experiencing a great flight is about more and we want that experience to last time after time.

Aside from the aesthetics of the kite, the line length will be a large component of flight enjoyment.  Because single-line kites do not perform stunts and maneuvers, the altitude that your kite is able to reach will be a big part of what keeps your interest from flight to flight.   

Nearly all of the single-line kites in our store that do not have a specific alternative purpose (i.e. indoor kites) come equipped with a 300’ flying line.  This is a great length for most people. 

Often, low quality kites that you may find at a local supermarket or hardware store will have line lengths closer to 100’ which may be underwhelming once the kite is in flight.  At 300’ you will find Smooth Winds and truly have your kite soaring. 

For your first flight or for young children, kites like our Best Fliers or basic diamonds and deltas will provide the easiest launch and flight experience.  Just check out one of our customers below flying his brand new Skydog Pirate Diamond. 

Along with being easy to fly, these kites are sturdy and simple to assemble and disassemble with each flight.  Most of these kites can be brought aloft in winds as low as 5 mph. 

They also perform in higher winds, but make sure to check each individual kite’s manufacturer recommendations for safe and optimal flight. 

Remember, if it is a quality kite flown in the recommended wind conditions, you will never need to run to get the kite in the air.  We’re always available to answer any questions.  If you’re looking for a specific design that’s not in our store, just let us know.  We’ll either get one for you or point you to the best quality version of that design.  In the meantime, keep it in the air and enjoy your flight!