An Introduction to Our Indoor Kites

Here at Smooth Wind Kites, we carry an exciting selection of single-line indoor kite from Flying Wings.  Indoor kites or gliders give the pilot the unique ability to fly in zero wind conditions, including indoors.  Because there is no wind to generate the movement of the kite, flying indoors requires a much more interactive role from the pilot.

These fantastic kites from Flying Wings that we will introduce to you here not only have unique and exciting designs, but can also be flown outdoors in light wind conditions.

Wala and Wala XL

The Wala and its big brother the Wala XL glide elegantly through the air when the pilot pulls and releases the flying line.  A simple adjustment of the kite turns this indoor glider into an outdoor light-wind beauty. 

With four color choices for both the Wala and the Wala XL, it’s a perfect choice for any new indoor pilot.  Both of these great kites come with a 90 foot tail that can be attached in a straight line from the center of the kite or in a semi-circle fashion from both trailing edges.  See them in action below.  




One of the most unique designs of the Flying Wings family, the Laima has an incredible 75” wingspan when assembled, but remains easy to transport in its carrying case.  This amazing bird-shaped design is a very stable flier both indoors and out and is sure to impress any passers-by. 

Also available in four great color schemes, the Laima’s durable build and innovative Weight Control System means it will be a go-to glider for any pilot for years and years.  See it in action below.




The newest addition to the Flying Wings glider family is the Grace.  Designed by Albert Chen, the Grace has the widest range of wind capabilities.  Its unique air-foil design means that it can fly in zero wind, but also performs in blustery conditions up to 20 mph!  Try the Grace and you will experience a flight unlike any you’ve had before.  See it in action below.




If you are looking for the most relaxing flight, perhaps even a meditating experience, the Emong may be the perfect kite for you.  The Emong is designed to have no loose parts and thanks to its unique shock absorbing system, it is an exceptionally durable kite as well. 

It is a glider in every sense of the word.  See it in action below and feel the calmness come over you.