8 Reasons to Bring Kites to Your Next Family Beach Vacation

1.  You Like to Relax, Your Kids Do Not You may be excited to lay on your beach chair and catch up on some reading, but your kids have different ideas.  With a kite in hand, you know they will be in one place (quality kites do not require running) and have plenty of entertainment.

2.  Kites Are Easy to Transport – Kites weigh only a few ounces and the packaging is incredibly compact.  You can include several kites into your suitcase or car, or, Smooth Wind Kites to ship directly to your hotel at no additional charge. 

3.  Your Kids Can Learn Without Even Knowing It – The Wright Brothers, aerodynamics, wind patterns, and physics are all part of kite flying. Learning while having fun.

4.  Kites are Fun – From single-line kites with fascinating designs and 300’ of string to stunt kites that allow for nifty maneuvers and tricks. Kite flying is an activity that allows for different skills to be developed over time leading to more variety and entertainment.

5.  It’s Not Only For Kids – Ready to get out of the beach chair yourself? Grab your own kite and compete with your kids for altitude or most stable flight. Or, compete to see who can perform the best tricks on your stunt kite.  For those looking for more action, get a power kite and be pulled along the sand.

6.  Beaches are a Great Place for Wind – Although there are several kites that do not require wind, flying is always a little more enjoyable with a solid breeze at your back.

7.  Kites are a Very Affordable Family Activity – High-quality kites can be very inexpensive. Plastic kites from supermarkets and hardware stores break easily and come with very short flying lines but quality single-line kites and beginner stunt kites that last years can be purchased without breaking the bank.

8.  You Don't Want Your Kids Doing This